Z-Express Courier

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Courier & Cargo Air / Ocean ? Land: Courier of parcels anywhere in the world. Our mission is to provide really fast and reliable logistics service to our valuable customers through continuous innovation and integration of market leading search. We are committed to provide high quality, courier service, which can hlp our clients in maximizing their business opportunitier and growth. We intend to provide customized cost efficient enterprise business solutions to meet the specific needs of the customers.

Freight Booking: Bookings of all cargo according to the terms and conditions of the shipper and the letter of credit, we move everything to move your cargo when and where you want them to go. We offer the following Freight and Broking Services

  • consolidation
  • ship catering
  • breakbulk
  • container booking all types

Freight Forwarding: Freight forwarding with a complete range of Sea & Air Freight Services, we legerage volumes smartly to deliver competitive sea transportation in every major trade lane between USA, European Countiries and extreme faexibility, we are able to specifically resond to whatever your shipping needs may be.

Our Sea Freight Forwarding Services Include:

  • Sea Freight Forwarder
  • Door To Door delivery
  • Ware Housing
  • Custom Brokerage
  • L.C.L. Consolidation
  • F.C.L. COnsolidation
  • Order Follow-up tracking systems.
  • Supply chain tracking systems.
  • Factory Stuffing
  • Multi-Model Transport Operators.
  • INfrastructure and Services Facilities at all Sea pors and Dry Ports

Our Air Freight Forwarding SErvices Include:

  • Door To Door delivery to most world-wide locations
  • Ware Housing
  • World-Wide Consolidation
  • Qualified personnel for handling dangerous goods
  • Option of carriers bsed on your cargo needs
  • Project work & flight chartering

We have tie ups with few major freight forwarding companies where there is independent and separete CARGO Divison at the Regional